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Range Name Town County Bays Shop Food From  
West Malling Golf Club Addington Kent 10 View Details
Ashford Golf Complex Ashford Kent 26 £2.00 View Details
Chart Hills Golf Club Biddenden Kent 40 £3.00 View Details
Boughton Golf Club Boughton Kent 11 £1.00 View Details
Bromley Golf Centre Bromley Kent 20 £3.50 View Details
Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club By Rochester Kent 9 £1.00 View Details
Broome Park Golf Club Canterbury Kent 8 £2.00 View Details
Chatham Golf Centre Chatham Kent 28 £3.00 View Details
Chatham Golf Range Chatham Kent 28 £2.50 View Details
World of Golf - Sidcup Learn To Play Chislehurst Kent 53 £4.75 View Details
Birchwood Park Golf Club Dartford Kent 38 £2.20 View Details
Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club Deal Kent 20 £1.00 View Details
The Kent & Surrey Golf & Country Club Edenbridge Kent 16 £1.00 View Details
Austin Lodge Golf Club Eynsford Kent 5 £1.00 View Details
Etchinghill Golf Club Folkestone Kent 11 £2.00 View Details
Gravesend Golf Centre Gravesend Kent 30 £1.75 View Details
Hever Golf Club Hever Kent 12 £2.50 View Details
Hilden Golf Centre Hildenborough Kent 34 £1.50 View Details
Homelands Better Golf Centre Learn To Play Kingsnorth Kent 14 £1.00 View Details
Maidstone Langley Park Golf Centre Maidstone Kent 32 £3.00 View Details
Marriot Tudor Park Hotel & Golf Club Maidstone Kent 6 £1.00 View Details
The Ridge Golf Club Maidstone Kent 10 £2.00 View Details
Manston Golf Centre Learn To Play Manston Kent 20 £1.00 View Details
Stonelees Golf Centre Nr Ramsgate Kent 22 £1.60 View Details
The London Golf Club Nr Sevenoaks Kent 50 £2.00 View Details
Chelsfield Lakes Golf Club Orpington Kent 40 £2.00 View Details
Cray Valley & Ruxley Park Golf Club Orpington Kent 28 £2.75 View Details
Lullingstone Park Golf Club Orpington Kent 20 £2.30 View Details
Deangate Ridge Golf Club Rochester Kent 13 £1.00 View Details
Lydd Golf Club Romney Marsh Kent 24 £2.00 View Details
Princes Golf Club Sandwich Kent 20 £2.00 View Details
Royal St George’s Golf Club Sandwich Kent 100 £3.00 View Details
Woodlands Manor Golf Club Sevenoaks Kent 13 £2.00 View Details
Sheerness / Driving Range Sheerness Kent 10 £2.00 View Details
Sittingbourne Golf Centre Sittingbourne Kent 16 £1.00 View Details
Upchurch River Valley Golf Club Sittingbourne Kent 16 £1.00 View Details
Oastpark Golf Club Snodland Kent 20 £2.00 View Details
Pedham Place Golf Centre Swanley Kent 40 £2.00 View Details
London Beach Golf Club Tenterden Kent 11 £2.50 View Details
Tonbridge Golf Centre Learn To Play Tonbridge Kent 26 £2.00 View Details
Westerham Golf Club Westerham Kent 12 £1.00 View Details


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