Banner advertising

We currently offer three areas on Golf Range Finder for advertisers to place banner ads.

Each contract is based on CPM (Cost per thousand Impressions) which can be evenly spread over a period of time or set to a maximum amount. Your ads will appear in rotation according to contract settings.

Exclusive campaigns are available on request and subject to CPM bidding. These campaigns will take precedence over all others until a minimum amount of impressions have been delivered. Exclusive banner placement CPM Pricing starts at £5.

Position Type Size CPM
A: Site Header - All pages Full banner : Contract 468 x 60 £3
B: Right column - All pages Standard Skyscraper : Contract 120 x 600 £3
C: Home page only, top right page area Box ad : Exclusive 125 x 125 £5
Useful links 6 month minimum contract
Listing on links page
£15 p/month  
Banner Design      
We can design your banner for you. Just send us your photo or logo, any text you would like on the banner and the URL to link to link to your web page and we'll do the rest.
£ 15.00 per static banner

If you are interested in advertising on Golf Range Finder please complete the following form:

Company name:
Telephone Number:
Email address:
I'm interested in: A: Site Header
B: Skyscraper
C: Home Page Only
Useful Link Page
Banner design
Advertising period: Fixed period
Fixed amount
* Minimum contract is 6 months payable in advance by credit card via PayPal to:

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